GREENTECH DRYERS Srl - Advanced Refinish Technologies based in the north east side of Italy derives from the union of professionals who have been working in this field for over 25 years, developing  the car body shop market with innovative systems in the IR-drying sector.

The company manufactures gas drying robotized systems, developed thanks to years of experience and research through specific studies, intended to facilitate and improve their use in the car body shops.  Furthermore, we manufactures accessories, equipment and software to optimise the bodywork processing. 

The E-range gas IR dryers are based on medium waves together with an advanced software, thereby allowing all surfaces with any paint product to be dried in a short time, at a minimal cost and in a totally environmentally friendly manner thanks to the remarkable energy saved.

Gas-IR Dryers assure fast drying process, especially in case of water-based finishes, in-depth drying on all surfaces, substantial savings in energy consumption (on the contrary you should have an high electrical energy consumption).